One of the features of Shepperton prior to the building of the M3 motorway was the rural aspect of the area between Shepperton and Littleton / Charlton. The Watersplash at Charlton Road was cut by the M3, and that at Watersplash Road was subsequently blocked with posts. Both cross the river Ash, which is actually a branch of the river Colne at Staines and reaches the Thames at Sunbury. In the days when the watersplashes were open to traffic, it was not unusual for a car to get stuck, and to be recovered by tractor or even by pushing !

The village itself has many attractions including Church Square, with it's delightful array of old cottages, church and it's public houses standing either side of the square. This idyllic setting is often pictured and written about and has changed little over the years. The central pillar to this small community is the Church of St. Nicholas built in 1614 which replaced an earlier church damaged by flood

For the commuter, there is easy access to the M3, M25 and Heathrow airport. Train services from Shepperton station to London, Waterloo and many other destinations are excellent.

For those interested in sport, particularly water sports, many facilities are available in the local area. Apart from the more obvious boating pleasures on the River Thames, there is water skiing, windsurfing and sailing on the many lakes in and around Shepperton.

For local information visit the Shepperton Village Web site.

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